List of works

My compositions move between documentation (notated or electroacoustic music) and a space for creativity with a range of interpretive possibilities between fixed and free playing. With ensembles, I mostly work in collaborative processes where I bring in a concrete repertoire of elements to use in the composition. In addition to musical preliminary considerations and notated fragments, these can be sound snippets, forms of (movement) interaction, a content idea/question, a spatial concept, or performative concepts.

Year Title Work Description Link
2022 Breathphonia “Breathphonia” (working title) "Being completely, totally or a little bit through the wind" A new project by with research on the island of Barra, Outer Hebrides, Scotland Info
2021 Radical Vocality "Radical Vocality" lecture / performance...on the unleashing of a radical vocal universe via the sensual intelligence of listening, UA Festival Designing Voices Berlin Info
2021 Prop-Hectics "Prop-Hectics" solo concert with 3D Ambisonic Spatialisation. While in the past it was the gift of visionaries to hear the voices of disembodied sages in oracles, today we ask Siri or Alexa. "Prop-hectics" plays with the concept of virtual voice assistants and phone voices by exploring their roles and our relationship to them. ...about sounding bodies and non-human concepts of communication. Info
2021 SKIN "SKIN" sound installation for KLaus, Centre Pasquart Biel, a composition about the (ir)reality of ambient sounds and how intense listening frees them from their limitations. Info
2020 Rumors "Rumors" electroacoustic composition, published by Nonclassical London Info
2020 The Echo I Touch "The Echo I Touch", solo concert with 3D Ambisonic Spatialisation, UA ICLI Trondheim. Info
2019 Das Raunen der Dinge "Das Raunen der Dinge" experimental noise opera for a female singer, voice ensemble, video projections and live electronics in the former high bay warehouse of Swisscom, UA Musikfestival Bern Info
2018 Scrub Queen "Scrub Queen" One woman Plant Opera UA, Botanical Garden Bern Info
2018 Gravity Pleasrues II "Gravity Pleasrues II" Solo voice production with 3D Ambisonic Spatialisation at ICST Zurich. Info
2017 Gravity Pleasures I "Gravity Pleasures I" for voice, gestural live electronics multi-spatial sound staging on the skyscraper of the Swisscom Tower Bern, pakt Festival Info
2017 (Er-)Schöpfung "(Er-)Schöpfung" video tryptichon sound composition for voices, premiere Baden Info
2016 Interzones “Interzones” various pieces for voice, live electronics and piano, CD published by Leo Records London Info
2016 Max "Max" audio piece for voices based on a text by Guy Krneta, for the 10th anniversary of Literaturinstitut Biel. Info
2015 Nomad-X "Nomad-X" Commissioned audiovisual concert installation and concert performance, premiere Saarbrücken- D. Info
2013 Vide "Vide" for solo voice, premiere Zurich. Info
2012 Fictions "Fictions" Commissioned composition for le NEC, Nouvel Ensemble Contemporain, voice, viola, bass clarinet, percussion and live video projections. Info
2011 Liquid Souls "Liquid Souls" Commissioned composition Donaueschinger Musiktage, spatially staged opera fragments for four voices, video projection and sound installation Info
2011 Electric Renaissance II "Electric Renaissance II" Commissioned composition for voice, gestural live electronics and sound dress Info
2011 Irrungen "Irrungen" for solo voice, sound dress and live electronics, premiere Bundeshaus Bern for the 30th anniversary of equal rights for women Info
2010 Tsanfleuron, Hearing The Body – Seeing the Voice "Tsanfleuron, Hearing The Body - Seeing the Voice" for voice, video tryptichon, electroacoustic composition with fieldrecordings from Cairo and the Tsanfleuron glacier, UA Carte Blanche, Dampfzentrale Bern Info
2008 Lichtlieder "Lichtlieder" for voice, flutes and light objects, with Matthias Ziegler flutes, Michael Vorfeld, sounding light objects Info
2008 Klangspur Segnes "Klangspur Segnes" for voice trio, alphorn/ trombone trio, brass ensemble, clarinet, climber with wireless speakers, UA Flims Klang Festival Info
2007 Cymatics "Cymatics" commissioned composition and vocal performance with the dance ensemble a-tempo, Bern, Fribourg Info
2007 Selva Acousmatics «Selva Acousmatics» sound installation for tree wood tower objects,, Hausbau und Energie Messe, BEA Expo Berne Info
2007 VOXLabYrinth "VOXLabYrinth" Composition for seven voices and video projections, UA Sehn(s)Ohr Bern Info
2006 Livre des Chants "Livre des Chants", music theater for four female voices, premiere La Chaux-de-Fonds Info
2006 Vom Verschwinden und Vergessen "Vom Verschwinden und Vergessen" (Of Disappearance and Forgetting), spoken music performance on Alzheimer's disease with Norbert Klassen and Michaela Wendt, UA Bern Info
2005 Vom Himmel fallen oder von den Bäumen "Falling from the sky or from the trees..." music for radio play DRS 2 Info
2005 Electric Renaissance "Electric Renaissance" for voice, sound dress and sensor electronics UA, Halle (D) Info
2004 Klang Aar(i)e "Klang Aar(i)e" for voice, viola, piano on a boat with radio live broadcast and pyrotechnic actions. Voice, string and percussion ensembles played on different shore zones. The audience listened with their own radios on the banks of the Aare and thus became an additional performer. UA ISCM New World Music Days Bern Info
2004 Stimmen und Gezeiten "Voices and Tides", sound installation with floating loudspeakers on the lake and loudspeakers in the surrounding trees and with daily concerts at the Prau Pulté lake in Flims. A sound transfer from Orkney to the Swiss mountains. Info
2004 Finnisch, oder ich möchte dich vielleicht berühren "Finnish, or I might want to touch you" Music for radio play DRS 2 Info
2003 Der kleine Köchel "Der kleine Köchel" Music for radio play DRS 2 Info
2002 Nächtliche Orientierung "Nächtliche Orientierung" Music for radio play DRS 2 Info
2002 Hydra "Hydra" for 17 instruments, commissioned by le NEC, Nouvel Ensemble Contemporain, La Chaux-de-Fonds, premiere Expo 2002 Info
2001 Piezzo "Piezzo" for piano 2 tapes, 4-channel piezo system UA for Almanach Bern Info
2001 voice sphere "voice sphere" solo concert for voice and gestural sensor live electronics, UA 11.09 STEIM Festival Bern Info
2000 Gletscherklangstrom "Gletscherklangstrom - Where All The Frozen Things Went..." for voice, glacier sound composition. Sound production in the Trafo Station Albanatscha above Sylvaplana, commissioned and premiered at Fest der Künste 2000. Info
2000 Am Rande des Horizonts "Am Rande des Horizonts" radio play DRS 2 with Fritz Hauser, Lauren Newton Info
2000 Geschichte vom alten Kind "Geschichte vom alten Kind" Music for radio play DRS 2 Info
2000 Playground of The Goddesses "Playground of The Goddesses" for flute, voice, viola and live electronics, UA Hallen für Neue Kunst Schaffhausen Info
1999 Momente "Momente" ArtOrt - composition for a live spoken poem, fieldrecording in Paris and voice, premiere DRS2 Basel Info
1996 Elegia "Elegia" for singer and dancer, UA Seefeld Tanzprojekt Zurich Info
1996 Vocal Suite "Vocal Suite" electroacoustic compositions with voice, UNIT Records Info
1995 Stummfilmvertonung live Silent film scoring live, three Polanski short films for voice, synthesizer, guitar, sampler UA Langenthal Filmfestival with Luigi Archetti, guitar, sampler Info
1995 Drall Wandelnde Gesänge "Drall Wandelnde Gesänge Drall" for voice, synthesizer, mini-disc and tape player, UA Kunsthaus Langenthal Info
1995 Just Listening "Just Listening" a voice project, UA GNOM Baden Info
1994 Piraten der Stimme "Pirates of the Voice" musical conception and compositions for a voice-musical event, HAU Hebbel am Ufer, Berlin Info
1994 Uf dr Heimwehfluhe "Uf dr Heimwehfluhe", after Adolpf Wölfli for flute, cello, guitar Info
1993 Auf der anderen Seite des Flusses "Auf der anderen Seite des Flusses" for flute guitar and cello, premiere Zurich Info
1993 Formel 1 "Formel 1" 3 analogies for flute, cello and guitar, premiere Zurich Info
1993 Pendulum "Pendulum" for flute, guitar and cello UA, Zurich Info
1993 6 Sequenzen "6 Sequences" for flute, percussion, sound objects and video, UA Impuls-Galerie Winterthur Info
1992 Klangsäule "Klangsäule" for sound objects (Martin Spühler) and flute, premiere Impuls-Galerie Winterthur Info
1992 Die Nacht "Die Nacht" for alto voice, string quartet and double bass, premiere 13.12.92 Schloss Bellerive, Thun (prize winner Young Composers Bern) Info
1992 Senses "Senses" for sound objects driven by the river, flute and experimental instruments, UA Mittelhäusern Bern Info
1992 Metall "Metall" for flute solo Info
1991 5 Bilder "5 Bilder" for flute, cello, guitar UA Bern Info