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07.05.2023, 20h, #sopabox - Duo with Michel Wintsch, piano, modular synth
12.05.2023, 20h, WIM Bern, Duo with Lucas Niggli, drums, percussion
28.05.2023, 20h, "Against Windmills", Schlossmediale Werdenberg, with Lucas Niggli, percussion, Naomi Sato, Sho
11.06.2023, 20h, Blurred Edge Festival Hamburg, Franziska Baumann & TonArt Ensemble Hamburg

just out!
BOOK PUBLICATION "Embodied Human-Computer Interaction in Vocal Music Performance" at Springer London

23.03.2023, 20h HKB Bern, Night of Improvisation
15.03.2023, 20h progr Bern, Tone Ase (NO), voice, electronics / Franziska Baumann, voice, electronics
04.12. 2022, 11h Nucleons Trio Franziska Baumann, voice / Sebastian Rotzler, double bass / Emanuel Künzi, drums, Schlösschen Biberist
17.09.22, 20h "The Echo I Touch", solo concert for voice & live electronic. Symposium Sound Arts, Papiermühlestrasse 13d, Bern
04.02. - 24.07.2022, Landis & Gyr Prize Fellowship London
18.06/ 09.07.2022 Franziska Baumann, voice, electronics / Steve Noble, drums / Alistair Zaldua, electric violin
12.07/ 13.07.2022 Franziska Baumann, voice, electronics / John Edwards double bass / Mark Sanders, drums

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video: "The Echo I Touch" solo concert at ICLI Trondheim, Norway 2020
audio: Sound Journey Switzerland: New Release "Rumors" on Nonclassical, London

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