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The Echo I Touch

Solo concert at ICLI International Conference for Live Interfaces,Trondheim (Norway), March 2020.
acoustic and spatialized voice by means of gestural sensor interface.

In collaboration with the ICST Zurich, composition for voice, gestures and spatialized sound movements is expanded with Ambisonic spatialisation. Gesture compositions and mapping strategies are directly coupled to spatial placements and spatial movements.

Franziska Baumann, voice, composition / improvisation, live electronics
Johannes Schütt, ICST Zürich, Ambisonic Programming
Andreas Litmanowitsch Berne, SensorGlove electronics
Stefan Rothe Berne, Arduino Programming

All papers from Live Interfaces 2020 available on Zenodo.

Movie 1 - Hunting Tectonics

Movie 2 - Where Nowhere

Movie 3 - Re - Shuffling Sirenes

Movie 4 - To Follow The Whispering Voice

Franziska Baumann