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Franziska Baumann, an internationally acclaimed vocalist, composer and sound artist is experienced in a diversity of improvised and composed music.

As a vocalist she explores the human voice as a multi-faceted instrument expanding traditional boundaries. She has developed an extensive vocabulary of experimental and extended vocal techniques such as multiphonics and glottal clicks and a variety of unique microtonal, timbre-modifying and percussive vocal techniques that have become her "signature sounds". Her research interests include the voice as a medium between instrument and potentials of human feelings and human society by causing unusual ways of listening and consciousness..

As a composer her repertoire is diverse and includes commissions for electroacoustic and improvised projects to experimental radioworks, large-scale site-specific sound environments and installations, all of which are characterized by a very personal language.

As "artist in residence" in the STEIM "Studio for ElectroInstrumental Music", Amsterdam, she developed an interactive SensorLab based Sensorglove. Mainly in solo performances she uses the Sensorglove. This interactive SensorLab-based cyberglove (her own development while staying at the STEIM Studio for ElectroInstrumental Music in Amsterdam) gives her total control over her articulations and the acoustics via gestures and movement.

Concert tours have taken her to the Netherlands, Germany, France, Great Britain, Poland, the Czech Republic, Romania, Belarus, Italy, Spain, South Corea, South Africa, Moçambique, Australia, New Zealand, USA and Canada.

Radio: diverse Portraits auf DRS2, Deutschlandradio, Südwestfunk.

She is a professor for non-idiomatic improvisation-composition and vocal performance at the Berne University of Music, Switzerland.

Franziska Baumann

There she is also involved in the research programs "Body (without) Sound" and "Gesture Performance" (performative strategies for gesture based instruments, kinesthetic notation and artistic impulses). Her research interests include the intersection of voice and performance in technology-informed environments, in particular the role of the body and voice in the age of technological change. This she researches on gesture based Interfaces in Live Electronic Applications and in performative strategies for gesture based vocal performance, kinesthetic notation and artistic impulses.

Franziska Baumann is the recipient of numerous grants and scholarships.

Franziska Baumann