Franziska Baumann is a lecturer at the Berne University of Music where she teaches improvisation - composition in the field of classical music, jazz, vocal performance and media arts. And she is a professor for voice training and contemporary vocal music at the Théatre Musical departement.

She has been teaching masterclasses for vocal performance, giving workshops for improvisation and lectures worldwide, among others at
The WITS University Johannesburg, Stellenbosch University Cape Town, Harvest Works New York, University of Music Seoul, The Minsk Conservatory Belarus, Helwan University Cairo, University of York Great Britain, Friderik Chopin University of Music Warsaw.

Often connected to Franziska Baumann’s solo recitals, masterclasses and lectures introduce the unique relations between her compositional methods, her gestural approach to live electronic and her vocal technique.

Lectures reflect topics like

Improvisation / Vocal Performance
As a vocal performer and sound artist with over 20 years of artistic experience, she knows the ways of releasing individual creative potential and developping ones own profile. This special class is suitable for those interested in vocal performance who want to develop their own artistic concepts and implement them in a performative way. The class focusses the developpment of a personal musical language with the means of improvisation, composition and interpretation as well as cross-genre and interdisciplinary approaches. This module provides a high degree of freedom in the concrete form of teaching. The vocal performers are promoted according to their interests and abilities. They are supported to reflect their own strong artistic expression to formulate and implement it performative in their own projects.


Franziska Baumann