Franziska Baumann has been teaching singing and vocal performance to professional students and amateurs. The focus of the classes is on the individual vocal requirements and needs of the students. The foundation of the training is the awareness of the interplay between breath, body perception, and voice production. A healthy vocal sound enables the individual expression to flow freely. Voice is body and soul, matter and spirit.
Her teaching incorporates her experience as a vocalist with a broad approach to extended vocal techniques such as overtones, microtonal, speech-related, and timbral vocal techniques, as well as various yodeling techniques and repertoire from contemporary music, classical, jazz, and pop.

This unique training is suitable for those interested in voice performance who want to develop their vocal artistic concepts using improvisation and/or live electronics and perform them. When vocalists perform on stage with technology such as gestural live electronics, it creates an expanded field of connections between voice, body, gesture, and transmitted sound. What we see and hear is no longer based on the traditional understanding of sound, which is associated with kinetic energy, such as the movement of a violin bow over a string. Instead, we are exposed to a holistic experience where the boundaries between human and computer-generated voice blur. This offers enormous creative potential for developing an individual embodied language for human-computer interaction. See also book publication: "Embodied Human-Computer Interaction in Vocal Music Performance," Springer London.


Franziska Baumann has been teaching improvisation, composition, vocal performance, composed theatre, and voice and live electronics at the Bern University of the Arts since 2006 in the Master Composition & Creative Practice program. As a vocal performer and sound artist with over 20 years of artistic experience, she knows the ways to unleash individual creative potential and develop a personal profile. She offers practical and flexible teaching concepts that combine improvisation, composition, and musical-scenic approaches. In this context, artistic means of expression, such as electroacoustic media, video, light composition, staged body language, and scenography, can be used. With individual coaching and inspiration from theory and practice, she supports students in discovering new artistic terrain and strengthening their own artistic handwriting in conception and performance. Through applied playing practice between experimentation and compositional systematics, we develop and realise adequate musical-dramatic implementation forms. The goal is to promote one's artistic profile and transform individual visions into unique musical-scenic experiences.

Franziska Baumann gives guest lectures, masterclasses, and workshops in Switzerland and abroad:


Franziska Baumann