voice sphere


seit 2001 Kompositionen für Stimme, SensorLab und live Elektronik

voice sphere

Franziska Baumann composes with an open interactive system, where the borders of composition and improvisation melt. An interactive SensorLab based cyberglove enables her to control articulations of voice, sounds and space in real time via gesture and movement. Benders, accelerators and ultra sonic sensors connect the real world of physical phenomena and gestures via Midi to the computer. Computer programmed processes establish as a new form of “notation”. Movable sound sources counterpoint space as a sculptural score.

With a SensorLab based Cyberglove linked to her Mac, she sculpts not only her live voice but also pre-composed multi track sound maps. She opens herself to near field sound around her body and to the possibility of shaping sounds with her hands and feet in order to feel the breath of sound in time and space, directing her movement throughout the spatial electronic environment.

Exploring body and voice, developing vocal possibilities, sometimes supported and designed electronically, searching for spontaneous, emotional voice, in archaic or everyday expression, are the main themes of her vocal work. She composes performances on the borders between installation, performance art and sculptural spatial sound concepts.

Franziska Baumann