NUCLEONS - Hunting Waves

NUCLEONS - Hunting Waves

Hunting Waves

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Franziska Baumann, vocals
Emanuel Künzi, percussion
Sebastian Rotzler, doublebass

LR 876
Leo Records
Newton Abbot (UK) 2020

Luzern, where I live, is home to a lively underground of small venues for improvised and alternative music. Gelbes Haus is a rather special one, a building first squatted by students in search of a place to work and now a building the city eventually blessed for artists to either reside in or to have their ateliers. It was a cool, starlit evening when I ran into Urs Leimgruber and his wife Sulla Bodmer wandering nearby our destination in search of this building for the first time. I guided them, as it is kind of hidden away and you just have to know where it is.

NUCLEONS - Hunting Waves

Our navigation of paths and stairways in the dark formed a prelude to the adventure of the music we heard on this evening by the trio Nucleons. A detailed, finely sketched atmosphere of mystery with ingredients that consistently provided an alchemy. Sometimes you can’t explain why three creative inputs go together, but on this evening the underlying sound science found it’s alignment in a natural order, a series of chapters that resonated with all the ears in the room. Its all of what one can wish for in such an experience; to be suspended in the space of not knowing, and to feel the better for it.

Gerry Hemingway

Franziska Baumann