development of an individual adapted cyber glove

artist in residence at STEIM, Amsterdam

As "artist in residence" in the STEIM "Studio for Electroinstrumental Music", Amsterdam, she developed an interactive SensorLab based cyberglove to enable her to control articulations of voice, sounds and space in real time via gesture and movement. She is used to play with her left hand the near field sensitivity of the microphone to articulate the character of her amplified voice.

Following the natural movements of her right hand and arm during a performance as a vocalist she has developed an instrument at STEIM Amsterdam, that allows her to use physical gestures to sculpt live and prerecorded sounds in space. Her interest focuses on the natural energy flow of the movements to produce a feeling of touching sounds.

This approach also enlarges her ability to open herself to the near field sound around her body and to the possibilities of shaping sounds with hands and feet.

Franziska Baumann