Duo Baumann/Ziegler

Duo  BAumann Ziegler




Voices & Tides

Franziska Baumann, voice/electronics
Matthias Ziegler, flutes/inside analog electronic

For years Matthias Ziegler and Franziska Baumann have been discovering in continuous cooperation a improvised music that crosses the boundaries between acoustic sounds and electronics. Changing energy fields, polyphonic zones, and formal consciousness by great expressive power, by quick turns, beautiful sounds give strong preference to improvisation, thus broadening enourmously the expressive potential of the most ancient means of human communication, voice and flute.

The Duo ist he recipient of several grants and fundings including Pro Helvetia, Stadt and Kanton Bern, Migros Switzerland, SIG Switzerland and others. They toured Spain, Germany, Poland, Portugal, Canada and played at Festivals like Jazz em Agosto Lissabon, FIMAV Victoriaville, Jazzfestival Schaffhausen and others.



"The two Swiss artists incorporate elements of the jazz tradition through Baumann's occasional scat-like delivery; but it was Ziegler's processed flutes and Baumann's unique approach to expanding her vocal palette that made their late afternoon performance at CEGEP thoroughly compelling. Baumann possesses a voice with a remarkable range, and an ability to acoustically stretch its potential through multiple extended techniques, and that would have been enough to make the show a must-see. Her use of a cyberglove - a glove literally wired up to a computer, allowing her to massage her acoustic instrument through use of buttons (some on a sense that she occasionally attached to her microphone) and arm and hand movements - allowed her to take the music to completely unexpected places. Live sampling is, of course, nothing new, but by allowing her to alter her voice in a very physical way, and coupled with Ziegler's rarely seen bass and contrabass flutes, Baumann was able to turn the performance into another that was as intriguing to watch as it was to hear."

Bruce Callagher, Victoriaville, Canada


Franziska Baumann