Tonart Hamburg

Tonart Hamburg

TonArt Hamburg


Franziska Baumann – voice
Nicola Kruse - violine
Sven Uber - violine
Ursula Levens - violine
Manfred Stahnke - viola
Krischa Weber – cello
Georgia Ch. Hoppe - saxophone
Mauretta Heinzelmann- trombone
Melanie Mehring - synthesizer
Daria Iossifova -  toy piano
Michael E. Haase - Dan Bau

«Exciting Fields»

Tonart Exciting Fields
In "Exciting Fields," a large improvisational ensemble coordinates their listening and playing behaviors to create a balanced mix of spontaneous risk-taking and specific planning. This coordination allows the impulses to be shaped in a way that hovers between free improvisation and structured arrangements.
To achieve this, I work with different sound types such as Drone, Action, Texture, Pulsation, and more. These sound types act as "Higher Level Units" or playing fields, each with its own unique set of rules for interaction. Collaboratively, we focus on the musical relationships within each sound type, simplifying the players' attention to specific areas of interaction.
The main goal is to increase freedom in the experience of presence for the performers, making musical phenomena more vivid and recognisable. By exploring these focused playing fields, we integrate them into an overall structure that also includes sections of free improvisation.

Recording mp3

live recording 11th June 2023, Blurred Edge Festival Hamburg

TonArt live recording 11th June 2023, Blurred Edge Festival Hamburg



Franziska Baumann