Duo Baumann

Duo Baumann


Franziska Baumann, voice, SensorGlove live-electronic
Christoph Baumann, piano, prepared piano

NEW CD INTERZONES Volume I – out on Leo Records London, LR 787!
A flow of surprising sparkling musical inventions, restrained by a strong sense of dramaturgical thinking

INTERZONES stands for two musicians who not only toured in various cultural zones of our planet but also cultivate in their mostly improvised music a cheeky handling of different stylistic materials. The musical inventions breathe with spectacular soundscapes and songlike sequences, rhythm pulses, rough sound eruptions and chambermusic sequences, strong melody clips and unorthodox sounds. Driven by this high energetic mixture INTERZONES represents not only a meeting between two musicians who have explored voice and piano as multi-faceted instruments expanding traditional boundaries, it is also interlinks zones between contemporary music, performance and current forms of improvisation.

The Tour in November 2015 / March 2016 (Switzerland, Poland, Austria, Germany) and in South Africa Feb/March 2017 is kindly supported by City and Canton Bern, Gemeinde Köniz, Pro Helvetia and SUISA foundation.

Duo Baumann

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Franziska Baumann